America and the End: 2020 Unmasked

October 27 — Tuesday 7:30pm

1Birth of a Superpower

In this presentation we explore what the Bible says about the forces that came together and created the environment in which the United States was born. The Bible describes a Super Power pre-existing the United States. It’s identity will shock you!

October 28 — Wednesday 7:30pm

2American Empire

With unerring accuracy God reveals the United States as one of the central players in world history just before the return of Christ. Find out how America has been fulfilling Bible prophecy one step at a time.

October 29 — Thursday 7:30pm

3From Tyranny to Liberty

From the Pilgrims of Plymouth to the pioneers of Jamestown, from the Native Americans to France and Spain in the west, what was early America really like? Learn why the American Colonies grew by nearly 1000 times within 150 years, and laid the foundation for a free New World.

November 3 — Tuesday 7:30pm

4A Framework for Freedom

Understanding the past brings clarity to the present. The history of the United States is one that gave rise to some of the most remarkable documents in the world: The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Discover why they mattered and still matter today.

November 4 — Wednesday 7:30pm

5America: The End

What will happen right at the very end and how is the United States fulfilling every prediction made by God in The Bible about it’s final actions? How can you prepare for what is coming in the near future?

November 5 — Thursday 7:30pm

6Freedom’s Future in the End

Does freedom have an expiry date? The Bible holds some startling prophecies concerning the future of freedom in the land of the free. See for yourself what it predicts and what this means for you.

November 10 — Tuesday 7:30pm

7The End of Freedom?

Freedom seems to fill our world. But for how long? Could we really lose our freedoms as The Bible warns? Learn how various movements are pushing for certain freedoms to be a thing of the past, and what it means for your future.

November 12 — Wednesday 7:30pm

8Freedom’s Final Triumph

WHile liberty crumbles, The Bible announces a coming freedom that will last. Find out for yourself what the final chapters of the future hold in this presentation. The best is yet to come – but we must choose it.

November 13 — Thursday 7:30pm

9Everlasting Liberty

The Author of liberty is God Himself, and He will bring justice to earth and rescue His people. His plan? For them to live in a perfect universe, free from pain, suffering, sorrow and death. Join us to learn more about God’s justice, His rescue plan, and everlasting liberty!

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