May 10 — Sunday 8pm

1 Dreaming of The End

Is it possible that events taking place today, were accurately predicted in a dream given to the ruler of the world’s greatest empire 2,600 years ago? This message provides undeniable proof that the Prophecies of the Bible are true and that we are living near the End. Will the world end in doom and gloom or is there light at the end?

May 11 — Monday 8pm

2 Signs that We Are Near the End

What does the Bible say about COVID 19? Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told us the signs we should look out for that would herald the end of the world. See for yourself how close we are to the greatest ending of all time.

May 12 — Tuesday 8pm

3 Great Controversy and the Origin of Evil

How can we believe that God is all powerful and all loving, while the world He made is racked with pain and suffering. Evil abounds in this world. Where did it come from. Why does it exist? How could God have allowed it? The answers will change your life.

May 13 — Wednesday 8pm

4 A Never Ending Love

The greatest love story of all time concerns you, and God who loved you until the end. See why and learn more about the inestimable value of one human soul. God is love and He will save forever all those who believe in and accept His love at the end of time.

May 15 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 1-4

May 17 — Sunday 8pm

5 What the Antichrist hates at The End of time

It’s the greatest treasure known to man and is of such consequence, that it sparked a cosmic war that rages until the end of time.

May 18 — Monday 8pm

6 A Rest in End Times

Does God have an answer to coping with stress in our fast-paced, high stress, multifaceted, ever changing world? He does. Discover the Biblical key to finding rest in a restless world and experience the freedom it brings.

May 19 — Tuesday 8pm

7 The Antichrist Revealed

In this presentation you will discover the true identity of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is here now and his identity will shock you! Join us as we learn that what most people think of Christianity, is the product of the antichrist system.

May 20 — Wednesday 8pm

8 Israel’s Temple: A Map to Freedom

While the world focusses on Israel’s Temple Mount, the Bible brings into sharper focus another temple that contains a sacred map from God. Understanding how to read this map can make an eternal difference in your life.

May 22 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 5-8

May 24 — Sunday 8pm

9 The Final Judgment

How long will evil continue before God judges? Does God honour free-will and will those who choose evil over good ever be held to account? Come find out why the subject of judgement, which so many people dislike, is actually good news.

May 25 — Monday 8pm

10 The Longest, Most Amazing Prophecy about The End

This prophecy reveals that the same God of love who gave Himself to humanity by dying on a cross, is the one who will judge the world. In judgement God is fair, reasonable, and loving and He gives this prophecy to prepare us for His return.

May 26 — Tuesday 8pm

11 The Mystery Man of Prophecy

One of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible, pinpoints with uncanny precision details that point us to one Man. See for yourself where the evidence leads and discover why this Man matters to you.

May 27 — Wednesday 8pm

12 The Mark of the Beast

What is it and how can you avoid it? You will find out in this presentation.

May 29 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 9-12

May 31 — Sunday 8pm

13 Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen – Come out of her My People!

Why did this ancient city of Babylon, the ruins of which can be found in Iraq, become a symbol of opposition to God in our day? And what does that ancient city represent?

June 1 — Monday 8pm

14 Is Death the End?

Is there life after death? Are the dead really dead? Find out what the Bible says about what happens three seconds after you die – you won’t be disappointed.

June 2 — Tuesday 8pm

15 The End You’ve Been Looking For

How will the world end? The coming finale of human history will not disappoint! Find out today how you can be ready for the end you’ve been looking for.

June 3 — Wednesday 8pm

16 Millennium – War to end all Wars

What would our world look like if Satan had full control for 1,000 years?

June 5 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 13-16

June 7 — Sunday 8pm

17 The End of Evil

How will God bring about an end to evil? Is His solution an eternally burning hell? This presentation unpacks the answers from the Bible.

June 8 — Monday 8pm

18 ‘Happily Ever After’

Is heaven for real? God wants you to know! See what the Bible says about heaven and why it matters to you.

June 9 — Tuesday 8pm

19 The Church of Christ

Jesus said the gates of Hell could not prevail against it. Paul said it was Christ’s betrothed. What is the Church and who is it composed of? Come find out how a rag-tag group of middle eastern believers changed the world forever.

June 10 — Wednesday 8pm

20 Movement of Destiny

Bible prophecy predicts that God will raise up a movement of destiny before Jesus comes. Can we find it? How can we join it?

June 12 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 17-20

June 14 — Sunday 8pm

21 A Prophetic Voice at the End of Time

Did the gifts of the Spirit disappear after the disciples or is the gift of prophecy still here?

June 15 — Monday 8pm

22 Living in View of the End

Discover how you can live life the fullest in end times, with Jesus.

June 16 — Tuesday 8pm

23 Finding Financial Security in the End

In a world of financial instability, the Bible presents financial advice you can count on. Hear for yourself how God’s plan has worked for others and can work for you. It’s the best plan.

June 17 — Wednesday 8pm

24 The End of the Old You

This presentation is about the death, burial, and resurrection of your old self. We all experience, shame, regret, guilt, and insecurity. Come learn about how this has all been dealt with and how you can enter into the life you were created to live.

June 19 — Friday 8pm

Live discussion about topics 21-24