Unwrapping Christmas

14 – 17 December | 8pm AEDT

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Unwrapping Christmas

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Christmas Lies

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Christmas Blessings

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Christmas Hero

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Honesty, integrity, and truthfulness are important values promoted in the Bible. So when it comes to Christmas, how do we convey the story of Santa to our children? Can we tell the truth and, at the same time, draw our children’s attention to Jesus? Join us to explore ways to communicate the Christmas story.

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According to the US Library of Congress, the book “The Desire of Ages” is one of the finest works ever written on the life of Christ. Beginning with the miracle of the Incarnation and the Christmas story, the author takes you on a journey through the life and teachings of the most influential man in history. This timeless story will bring Jesus to life and embark you on a life-transforming adventure.

Light of the World” is a Bible study series that will guide you through the life story of Jesus and His teachings. It will transform your understanding of the greatest teacher of all time! Request this free series today and discover how Jesus of the past can change your life today.

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