Topic 1: Dreaming of the End

Is it possible that events taking place today, were accurately predicted in a dream given to the ruler of the world’s greatest empire 2,600 years ago? This message provides undeniable proof that the Prophecies of the Bible are true and that we are living near the End. Will the world end in doom and gloom or is there light at the end?

1 thought on “Topic 1: Dreaming of the End

  1. Alissa Holt says:

    I’ve just got around to seeing the first episode. How true this all is. It’s interesting looking back at the history and you see it all fit in together. What is interesting is that Hitler wanted to put Daniel’s face back on the palace or whatever building it was. Yet look at what he did. He was never going to win the war. He started it and ended up losing. We look forward to seeing the next episodes of this series. Thank you for putting it all together.


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