1 thought on “Topic 12: The Mark of the Beast

  1. Simon Dennis says:

    I have followed all 12 episodes to date and have found them both refreshing and adding a broader understanding to my appreciation of God and the universe. Thank you.
    However, I found the Sabbath episode a bit of a stretch in logic at the time and did some further study to my satisfaction. When episode 12 came up – the mark of the beast, I must say that I believe it was dishonest of you to embed a specific Christian doctrine within that title.
    You imply very strongly that attending church worship on a Sunday is the mark of the beast and we are not saved. You did add a one liner that you weren’t exactly saying that, but it was almost a throw away line. At the very least you accuse that we are breaking God’s law…
    I would point out a few scriptures that you conveniently ignore….
    In Acts 20v7 Paul, on the FIRST day of the week (Sunday), held communion and preached.
    In 1 Corrinthians 16v2, Paul councels to lay something aside on the first day of the week.
    Colossians 3 v13-v16 is very powerful on this topic, where it states that He has taken the law our of the way and nailed it to the cross. V16 is very specific, let no one judge us in food, drink, festival, new moon or SABBATHS.
    In fact it goes on to say, let no one defraud you of your reward in v17 and in v20 …… again illuding to the cross over the regulations.
    Finally, Galatians 3 v26 states that we are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus (my saviour). This conclusive verse is explained through verses 10-14…..
    I ceel that If you (or I) are convicted personally of something then you should follow through in obedience to Him. But implying that non Sabbath worship is the mark of the beast (the title of the episode) is very dangerous and upsetting (and denominationally devisive).

    I have a 2nd question. In an earlier episode, if I understood correctly, (it was a very compact episode) I think you said the 70th week addressed the 7 years around Jesus’ ministry where the 2nd half was after Jesus death. Did I understand that correctly? (If so I have further questions…

    Thank you and I await your response.


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