Ep 1: Calvary’s Great Exchange

Join us for a journey to Calvary like you’ve never experienced before. Discover miraculous scientific and historical evidence for Jesus’ death on the cross, see through the eyes of medical doctors what Jesus physically experienced, and understand more keenly than ever the great exchange that Jesus’ made possible through His death and resurrection! 

3 thoughts on “Ep 1: Calvary’s Great Exchange

  1. Walter says:

    Bible teaches that penalty for sin is death. Does it mean at the moment of our death we paid for our sins?

    1. Josh says:

      Others can comment too to bring further understanding, but as I understand it the answer is no. When the bible says that the penalty or wages for sin is death, it is referring particularly to the second death, that is a spiritual death, not death of the physical body. Although believers who die before Jesus returns still experience the physical death, they will not experience the greater spiritual death of being separated from God, but are raised to new life through Jesus. That is the reason why Jesus came to the earth and died, to pay the penalty for our sins. His rising from the dead on the 3rd day then demonstrated that he is more powerful than death, giving every believer assurance that we can have life in his name. 😀

  2. Walter says:

    I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question.


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