Israel and the Antichrist

Are you sure that everything Christianity says is actually in the Bible? Or, are there darker forces at play that have been manipulating religious beliefs down through the centuries in order to usher in globalization and the reign of the antichrist?

Free Offers

Our free offer for this presentation is the Great Controversy. This classic work details the history of the involvement of religion in many of the wars fought over the last 2000 years and then moves on to explore Bible prophecy including events that have recently happened and are about to happen. It is a truly eye opening book that exposes so many of the popular lies we are so often fed by governments and media.

The Prophetic Code is a series of studies I created to enable you to learn how to decode the apocalyptic prophecies of the Bible for yourself. It covers fascinating subjects like “rebuilding Israels Temple” and “Who is the Antichrist and from where will he reign” Ultimately it will point you to Jesus the Prince of Peace and his coming Kingdom.

Find out about what the Bible prophesies about the end of the world, and if God even cares about our predicament. Has anyone ever made an accurate prophecy? Discover the details of accuracy that are happening even today.